Getting your car serviced is part and parcel of owning a car. It’s considered one of the best (and sometimes only) ways to keep your automobile running smoothly.

Apart from the performance, safety is a huge concern when driving on public roads. Therefore, while an MOT ensures you have the basics in place, regular servicing takes care of the wear and tear of your car, allowing you to be absolutely confident behind the wheel.

A service at CSG Bodyshop Ltd. also means maintaining the value of your car in the future. To make sure all the aspects are looked after, we start with your basic oil and filter change, following it with wheel alignment, suspension check, brake effectiveness, tyre inspection and exhaust testing. By keeping the car engine and its ancillary parts well lubricated, our team of experts exponentially reduce the risk of mechanical issues.

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Since your tyres are, in fact, the point of contact between your machine and the road, they are extensively checked, making sure there is enough air in them while also examining for any structural damage.

Timely servicing allows an early diagnosis of any problems with your steering and suspension, which can help in refining your overall driving experience and avoid exorbitant expenses in the long run.

At CSG Bodyshop, we only use OE (Original Equipment) and approved parts with the help of highly trained technicians who lend an array of comprehensive services. This high standard forms the foundation of everything we do at the workshop.

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