Your van is either the livelihood of your business or the most prized possession of your family. There is no in-between. Hence, it is of the absolute-utmost importance that you increase its lifespan as much as you can. Servicing your van regularly and repairing your components instantaneously is one sure-shot way to do that.

To help you in this endeavour, CSG Bodyshop Ltd. caters to all kinds of vans, allowing you to identify potential problems and solve any that currently persist. Our Chesterfield workshop is fitted with specialist equipment to rise up to this task. The extended high doors make way for high-top vans, while the ramps give access to the vehicle’s long wheelbase.

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Each service and repair is carried out by a team of specialists who are certified and accredited to handle specific models. To top this off, we only use OE (Original Equipment), promising better performance and longevity with every installation.

At CSG Bodyshop, we can offer you full and comprehensive servicing that not only keeps your vehicle on the road but also makes it fuel-efficient and economical in the long run. Our service covers everything right from the engine and tyres to the interior and exterior maintenance.

Plus, the centrally located and extensive site makes it perfect to handle commercial and corporate fleets without missing a beat.

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