CSG Bodyshop Ltd. is a specialist fleet maintenance company veered towards servicing a full portfolio of repair, fabrication and refurbishment work to meet mobility and delivery requirements. We offer the ease of a one-stop shop that sources the right parts for you and manages the entire work.

With a bespoke service that is built from scratch, you can make efficient use of your resources while reducing admin and repairing costs in the long term. The holistic catalogue of accident and body repair, MOT testing, wheel alignment, tyre servicing, fabrication, modification, entrance steps, lift and seat repair and refurbishment takes care of all the mechanical components of your fleet.

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By ensuring everything is running smoothly before your vehicles leave the workshop, we effectively reduce the risks of breakdown and unprecedented bills. We’ve been conducting MOTs from the very beginning, so you can always be sure about being on the right side of the law.

Finally, air-conditioning and diagnostics allow us to cater to all the modern vehicles, keeping your electronic systems peaking and the fuel costs low. To bring you the best of all the worlds, our service costs agreements can be fixed over a set time to cover the basic items and day-to-day maintenance.

Our end game is always to bring improvements to your vehicle utilisation through continuous efforts.

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