Free Retest Within 10 Days!

MOT testing is a mandatory requirement in the UK. It essentially ensures that your vehicle meets the road safety norms and environmental standards. Every vehicle that is three years or more than three years old requires an MOT.

Considering it all, our facilities comprise of modern inspection pits with hydraulic equipment, capable of giving us the space to check any steering or suspension issues. Rolling roads have also been installed to verify brake effectiveness and efficiency.

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Our workshop is approved for MOT testing of all types of cars from Class 4 up to Class 7. With the help of our certified MOT testers, we provide an unbiased appraisal of your vehicle. Although, if your vehicle fails, you’re more than welcome to enrol it in for repairs and take a free retest later.

Your tester shall walk you through the failures and provide expert advice on the next steps. We are positive we can help you with all kinds of repair work with an appropriate estimate, availability and delivery schedule.

In line with this, our staff of highly skilled mechanics put their years of experience in repairing and servicing to good use by catering to a variety of vehicles from HGVs to coaches and cars to vans.

Free Retest Within 10 Days!


Does your vehicle feel like it pulls to one side? Are your tyres scruffing and tearing up unevenly? Does your steering wheel not revert to the centre point on its own after a huge turn?

If you whispered “yes” to any of those, then your car or van might be in need of a wheel alignment checkup. With regular use, wheels can sometimes get out of line, seriously affecting the handling and tyre wear outs.

Physical damage, wheel alignment and wheel balancing are the three biggest problems that car and fleet owners face in today’s day and time. Therefore, at CSG Bodyshop Ltd., we handle all of them at once. From laser wheel readjustment to vibration-induced balancing, we help you keep driving your car the way your manufacturer designed it.


In case of serious damages, we also have an on-site staff to cater to repair punctures. They also help determine whether your tyres are stable and safe for the road. With our technology and primary alignment angles, the mechanics ensure your vehicle’s wheel is optimised for longer runs and ready for an MOT.

We’re known for our accuracy and a series of high-definition sensors, which always guide you to the right path.

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